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Food Lover’s Market raises 5 million meals to feed the hungry

Food Lover’s Market, South Africa’s largest privately owned retailer, today announced that it has raised an impressive 5 million meals as part of its annual Hunger Month campaign, which ran in all Food Lover’s Market and Food Lover’s Eatery stores nationwide from 01 May 2024 to 31 May 2024.  In its 8th year, the campaign is part of Food Lover’s Market’s commitment to “nourish and enrich lives” by providing meals to those in need through its network of partners and longstanding collaboration with FoodForward SA. The 5 million meals raised equates to a monetary value of R 2, 350, 000.

In May, shoppers were encouraged to buy a meal for just 47 cents at till points. This year, the retailer started its annual drive with more than 2,978,723 million meals already banked through banked through generous contributions from key partners – such as legacy partner Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing, grocery suppliers and FreshStop. Food Lover’s Market stores raised a further impressive 1,736,580 meals. This includes 7,271 contributed by consumers directly through GivenGain. On World Hunger Day, Food Lover’s Market contributed an additional 244,050 meals by matching all donations made by consumers on this day. To top it all off, Food Lover’s Market Holdings donated the final 40, 647 meals, bringing the grand total to 5 million meals.

Notably, the passionate team at Food Lover’s Market Paarl raised 205,783 meals. “We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Hunger Month campaign,” says Terri Coppin-Harris “This year’s fundraising is outstanding and really showed the incredible spirit of the Food Lover’s Market family as teams across the country actively challenged each other to raise funds for the communities in need.”

“We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and our incredible customers – the spirit of ubuntu really came alive through the campaign this year, and we are so grateful to each customer and colleague who donated a meal or raised awareness through word-of-mouth or social media.” Campaigns like Hunger Month are crucial in the fight against hunger, and funds raised during Hunger Month will aid FoodForward SA in distributing surplus food donated by various partners.

“This campaign exemplifies our enduring commitment to hunger relief,” Coppin-Harris said. “By collaborating with our suppliers and customers, we have significantly contributed to helping those struggling with hunger.” “Beyond Hunger Month, we actively aim to combat hunger through our ongoing partnership with FoodForward SA. We also donate surplus food weekly through stores attached to beneficiaries organisations in the communities we serve.” These organisations include charities and schools that support children, families, the elderly, and the homeless.

Thank you for all our customers, colleagues and all our partners!

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