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Our Philosophy


is always to ensure we have the best store in the community – we’ve thought long and hard about what it takes to do this in the current economic climate and have realised that it’s about offering a ‘whole’ shopping experience. It’s not just about theatre – although we are the best at creating that visual appeal in our stores. It also supports the community by offering value,quality, and choice.

While Fruit & Veg City is the origin of the business, today, Food Lover’s Market has evolved into a modern retail store with all the experiential elements of a theatre of food – which includes gourmet butcheries, delis, grocery and health and wellness departments.

Our love for good food and how it brings people together has always been close to our hearts and this extends to our theatre of food shopping experience, which is embodied through our marketing efforts to our store formats.


We take immense pride

in being renowned as “The Best in Fresh.” We were founded on the principles of offering an abundance of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

This commitment to health and freshness persists as the driving force behind our expanding and ever-evolving You First brand. This trusted health foods brand makes an extensive range of high-quality health foods accessible to every consumer and has become a focal point within our Food Lover’s Market identity.

Demonstrating our steadfast commitment, we’ve seen a steady 12.58% growth against the previous year in our healthier offerings, particularly in the milk alternatives and sugar-free sports hydration subcategories.


Our new generation

Food Lover’s Market stores not only offer customers a unique one-stop shopping experience, but with a focus on new design technologies, we’ve been able to implement efficiencies that aid in energy savings, more environmentally friendly building materials and more effective waste management systems.

We are committed to reducing waste to landfill, and our stores are continually looking at more efficient packaging and recycling opportunities having been the first South African retailer to ban the straw, followed by banning plastic bags at till points in all our corporate stores.


Our purpose centres around creating unforgettable experiences for our customers

“Dear Brian Coppin, I had the pleasure of meeting Thuli, a staff member of yours at the Hillfox branch. I have never experienced such amazing customer service such as this. She was friendly and helpfull. When we got to the till she reminded us that there is a combo with the items we purchased, she went out of her way to ensure we were serviced as though we are VIP members in your shop. I can’t commend her enough as we know in this day and age people and staff don’t care about others. This was something that now makes me brag about your shop at Hillfox to anyone and everyone who is looking for affordable groceries. But hell, I would pay extra to get service like Thuli provided. Thank you Thuli!”
From Hillfox Customer

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