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Welcome to the first edition of our Sustainability Report. For 30 years, Food Lover’s Market has been committed to making a positive impact on our people, our planet, our suppliers, our communities, and our customers. In 2016, Earth Lovers was born to entrench the family values in an ever-growing business, to ensure that despite our rapid growth, we would remain a company bonded by our family values.

Earth Lovers has become an important cornerstone in building a brand that does not incorporate ESG metrics simply to become more efficient, but to take an honest look at itself, its impact on the world, our people, and the communities we serve, and then take action to add value wherever possible.

Earth Lovers is at the heart of our sustainable business journey; it is how we do business. Our goal is to become a truly values-driven, purpose-led business filled with exceptional people working day in and day out to make things better for each other, for our customers, and for our world, while always having fun. The Food Lover’s Market Earth Lovers Sustainability Report shows some of the key initiatives that underpin this goal.


Our colleagues are the heart of our business and represents a huge opportunity to enable real change in our communities.



We’re committed to developing small businesses in South Africa, creating impact in the communities in which we operate.

Small suppliers listed through our Seeds of Change Supplier Partnership


Our purpose centres around creating unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Compliments Per Year


We believe that being the best store in the community means being involved with the communities that we serve by helping them thrive

Meals Donated


We are tackling environmental challenges through the power of our business.

Annual Carbon Footprint
0 tCO2e

Seeds of Change 2024

The Food Lover’s Market Seeds of Change Supplier Development Partnership, initially launched in January 2021, was created as part of our focus on being the best store in each community. The goal is to source local suppliers, specifically small businesses and social enterprises, that have integrated social or environmental change at the heart of their operation. The Seeds of Change Supplier Development Partnership seeks to find and empower suppliers that mirror our socially and environmentally focused values and are motivated to deliver the best quality product or service.

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